Financial Support

The South Devon Railway is an educational charity. We care for a valuable piece of our country’s industrial heritage; looking after it so that everyone can experience and learn how things were done in a bygone era.

Keeping our heritage alive is however an expensive task and, like many charities, the South Devon Railway relies on financial support in order to develop and ensure the railway survives for future generations to benefit.

There are many ways you can help support the South Devon Railway; on this page you will find ways that you can help us from giving donations directly to collecting donations whilst you shop.

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Totnes Station Information 8th August to 1st September

Totnes Footpath Diversion

Essential railway bridge repairs by Network Rail will mean that there will be a diversionary walking route between Totnes main line station and the South Devon Railway’s Totnes Riverside station and the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm . The works are scheduled to last between 8th August and 1st September.