British Railways wagons

The South Devon Railway has a large collection of goods wagons, many of which were built by British Railways.

They are used on engineers' trains as well as demonstration freight trains on special event days.

B070862 Bogie Bolster

B301577 Tube Wagon

B550179 Mineral Wagon           

B592533 Mineral Wagon

DB741574 Tube Wagon

B743010 China Clay Hood Wagon

B766158 Box Van

B778436 Box Van

B778436 Box van

B854395 Shocvan

B889009 Ferry Van

B889015 Ferry Van

ADB909069 Rectank 

B950344 Brake Van

B953640 Brake Van

DB984176 Grampus

DB984872 Grampus

DB993247 Dogfish

DB993471 Dogfish

B993710 Shark Brake Van


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