BR Mk1 Corridor Brake Second (BSK)

W35326, built by BR Wolverton in 1962

This BSK has 24 seats and is mainly used as part of our dining train. The luggage compartment has been converted into a kitchen area, so, strictly speaking, it should be designated BSK/KMB (kitchen mini buffet).

W34945, built by Metropolitan Cammell in 1956

Our second BSK has 32 seats and was purchased from the Plym Valley Railway in 2010. Withdrawn by BR from Tavistock Yard Junction in 1983, it has been the subject of some internal restoration while on the PVR and is now in the queue for a full refurbishment at its new home.

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W34945 arrives at Buckfastleigh from Plymouth on the back of a low loader in October 2010. Photo: John Brodribb.