30 years ago - Steam into Summer

This is a link to the BBC's website and is an affectionate and excellently produced look at our line filmed back in 1979 (when we were called the Dart Valley Railway) and broadcast nationally on BBC2 that year. It records a day in the life of the line through the eyes of the volunteers and the staff who ran it. Three decades later, whilst some familiar faces have since passed on, it is remarkable to see how many people who were volunteers then are still working on and supporting the South Devon Railway today.


Photographs of the SDR

The railway's 'resident' photographer, Sarah Anne Harvey, has a website with several high quality photographs of the South Devon Railway.

We will soon be putting up a gallery of photographs on this page.


PTS courses and photographers' lineside permits

Personal track safety courses for linesiders can be booked by emailing us. The cost is £40 and once issued are valid for three years. Lineside permits, which are valid until 31.12.16, cost a further £20 and are only available to people who have successfully undertaken a PTS course. You will need to bring two passport size photographs of yourself.