Confused gnome seeks refuge

A gnome sporting a Welsh Rugby Union shirt has sought refuge at Pixie Falls, a hidden outpost for gnomes deep in the valley of the River Dart, next to the South Devon Railway, having become lost and confused.

Pixie Falls, only visible to the more observant from South Devon Railway trains, is home to a growing population of gnomes, who enjoy an idyllic, gnome centric lifestyle there. Recently a number of 3ft high blue gnomes controversially took up residence on a roundabout in Totnes: many believe they were heading for Pixie Falls but stayed in Totnes having enjoyed the media coverage they gained there.

Dick Wood (pictured, right), the SDR's general manager and a supporter of the Wales rugby union set up (hailing as he does from Newcastle-upon-Tyne), said: "We're delighted to welcome our newest gnome and hope that he quickly settles in to life at Pixie Falls. I will ensure I keep an eye on how he is progressing there, as I'm sure our passengers will."

SDR marketing director, Peter Treglown (on the left in the picture), who likes gnomes as avidly as he supports Welsh rugby, said: "Match officials were clearly wrong not to award David Strettle's try. As for the gnome, I'm pleased that he has found a safe home amongst this collection of squat figurines. He was obviously distressed and confused. Hence the WRU shirt, I assume."


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28th March 2012 

gnome.gifSDR marketing director, Peter Treglown, the unnamed gnome (centre), and general manager Dick Wood at Pixie Falls. A number of the gnome's new-found friends can be seen in the background.