SDR launches appeal following landslip

We have just released some more photos of the devastating landslip on to the line which occurred over Christmas, between Buckfastleigh and Staverton.

The pictures graphically illustrate why all passenger services over the festive period have been suspended resulting in the railway not being in a position to re-open until February.

Hopefully, the 500 tons of mud, soil, stones, rock and trees which collapsed on to the line have not caused too much damage to the formation of the track itself, but it’s going to be a big and expensive job to put right involving the removal of the track and re-instatement of the formation.

This is why we are going to launch a public appeal for donations to help with the cost, which is expected to be several thousand pounds.

We'll be publishing more details soon. 


29th December 2013 


SDR Xmas floods 044 sml.jpg

SDR Xmas floods 056 sml.jpg Photos by Andy Matthews