Colin Sully Training & Medical Centre opens

A new on-site first aid facility is set to benefit not only staff and volunteers of the South Devon Railway but also the many thousands of visitors who visit us each year.

Since 2006, Devon EMS (Essential Medical Services), a South Devon based Voluntary First Aid organisation, has been providing first aid cover at the railway on the SDR’s special event days and working from an old portable cabin in the adjacent field. But, by the end of last year, the building was deemed to be no longer fit for purpose and the landowner also wanted it moved too.

So, discussions took place between SDR management and Devon EMS with a view to establishing a new improved facility, which could also combine a first aid function with a medical training facility.

The outcome was that the SDR Trust purchased a second hand 35 x 10 foot cabin which was in need of roof and wall repairs but was otherwise ideal for the new location. 

It was agreed that the new medical facility should be dedicated to the memory of volunteer first aid worker Colin Sully, who died in 2009, and had a long association with the former British Railways Totnes to Ashburton Branch prior to its closure in 1962. 

When Colin Sully left the railways, he went to work for the Bristol Ambulance Service for a while before returning to South Devon where he retired. Colin later returned as a volunteer worker on the SDR. 

Whilst the centre is not open all of the time, SDR staff and visitors who suffer any injuries or fall ill whilst at the Buckfastleigh site can now receive the necessary treatment on site in a clean, comfortable and well-equipped environment in privacy.

Devon EMS is looking to establish community teams throughout South Devon and is actively looking for volunteers to maintain and expand their service to communities which include event medical cover, car-based patient transport services and First Aid training.




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