South Devon Railway paintings - Brunel's atmospheric railway

A fascinating piece of remarkable railway history can be seen in the museum at Buckfastleigh.

Original South Devon Railway paintings that illustrate the original building of the South Devon main line by Isambard Kingdom Brunel have been copied and reprinted and have been put on display.

These unique images show in fascinating detail the building of the original single track railway to Brunel's broad gauge, including the laying of Brunel's ingenious, but flawed, atmospheric system.

The paintings also show one of the very few illustrations of one of the atmospheric trains running.

We are very lucky to have these images, which have been made available to us courtesy of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 

They are well worth a careful look - opposite, albeit rather small, is one of the paintings, showing the line at Totnes.

The museum at Buckfastleigh is open every day when trains are running.