Hunslet 0-6-0ST Glendower

Glendower is an 'Austerity' class saddle tank locomotive designed for the Ministry of Supply by R. A. Riddles and built in 1954 by the Hunslet Engine Co in Leeds.

The Austerities were a wartime design and many were constructed for the war effort from 1943 by various different builders. Such was their usefulness, construction of the engines continued well into the 1950s.

A relative youngster, Glendower is works no 3810 and went new to the National Coal Board for whom she worked at a number of collieries, before being withdrawn in 1973 from Hafodyrynys and purchased for preservation, first in Bristol before arriving at Buckfastleigh in working order in 1978 where her high tractive effort made her a useful addition to the fleet and capable of working heavier trains. 

Glendower was a trusty mainstay of services in the early days of the operation of our line by the South Devon Railway Trust, being a regular performer up until 1995, when she was withdrawn for major boiler work. She is currently out of service but, in time for Easter 2011, this much loved locomotive has been cosmetically restored after many years out of the public gaze and is again resplendent in a fresh coat of green paint. Most of the painting was carried out by the Devon Diesel Society.

A great many Austerities have survived into preservation and a further two, Errol Lonsdale and Sapper, both with distinguished military careers, were at Buckfastleigh until 2009.





Glendower comes off shed at Buckfastleigh some time during the 1980s.

Glendower-Apr-11.gif Photographed by Sarah Anne Harvey in April 2011, Glendower shows off her new coat of paint.