Our 700 ton press allows us to produce hot or cold flanged plates to most dimensions required in heritage steam today as well as countless other industrial applications.
700 ton press
We can supply tube plates, back heads, throat plates, foundation corners and much more. Not just of use to the boiler trade but anyone requiring superior quality pressings.
The machine was manufactured in 1975 by John Shaw and Company. Originally installed at the British Rail works in Crewe, the press then moved to a pipe fitting manufacturer in Warrington in 1995. In November 2000 the press was installed at Pridham's works, moving to Buckfastleigh in September 2010.
The press is used mostly to produce flanged plates for steam boilers such as back heads, throat plates and tube plates. Also it enables us to develop large pressings like those for fire box side plates somewhat like a large press brake.
Although primarily intended for the manufacture of locomotive parts we are keen to offer the diverse capabilities of this machine to other industries not only in the south west but throughout the country. We can produce large diameter dished ends in plate up to 1" (25mm) thick or other shapes to your requirements. Pressings can be an economical alternative to fabricated parts in many industrial applications.
The machine has a combined pressing force of 700 tons through three sets of upstroke rams. These rams can be operated independently to increase the range of capability of the machine.
We provide a full developing service or press only options to suit your needs.
We work from component drawings and produce one off or batches of parts to your specifications.
Alternatively we can use your free issue tooling for one off or longer runs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.
We have a three tonne and a seven tonne forklift on site and can accommodate larger pieces by special arrangement.



 Hot pressed chimney base

Press Arrangement

The press has a bed of 12' X 8' (3657 mm X 2438 mm) and a daylight of 5' (1524 mm). The four main pressing rams (blue) lift the whole bed and provide about 515 tonnes of force.


The centre ram (red) can lift independently through the bed for a second press operation or as an ejector with about 205 tons of force. Alternatively it can be clamped to the main bed, taking the full push to over 700 tons.

The adjustable vicing rams (green) lift through the table and are designed for clamping the work piece in place during pressing. They can provide 200 tons of upward force between them.


New tubeplate and backhead pressings


Boiler repairs

Bottle ends 


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